Vocabulary – Asset


Dictionary defines: asset – an item of value owned

O-TTPS defines: asset – anything you can use that is considered a thing of value (e.g., tool).

A verbose variation of the dictionary definition

FAIR defines: asset – Anything that may be affected in a manner whereby its value is diminished or the act introduces liability to the owner.

Describes what can happen to an asset rather than what it is.

ISACA defines: asset – Something of either tangible or intangible value that is worth protecting, including people, information, infrastructure, finances and reputation.

A good definition up to the 7th word.

CIS defines: Asset Class – A group of information assets that are evaluated as one set based on their similarity. “Servers,” “end-user computers,” “network devices” are examples, as are “email servers,” “web servers” and “authentication servers.”

No definition provided for “asset”, so a person has to infer that an asset is a type of information system component.

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